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Who choose Ego Elixir?

Discerning men know what they want out of a deodorant product: something that doesn’t just mask odor, which has a subtle scent and isn’t overpowering. Ego Elixir™ has figured out how to kill odor causing bacteria. Unlike other body sprays, it also has a light fragrance that won’t overwhelm you so it’s still possible to wear your favorite colognes without having to worry about an unpleasant mix of fragrances, due to an overpowering deodorant smell.

The most important feature of Ego Elixir™ is its ability to eliminate odor(even when sweating profusely). Ego Elixir™ is especially unique because it is a deodorant spray, rather than just a plain body spray. There are lots of products that cater to just fragrance—ours specializes in keeping your entire body stink free and cleanly scented.

All skin is sensitive, which is why Ego Elixir™ is hypo-allergenic. In addition, our formula doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue to cause discomfort, or destroy your clothing.

From your early morning workout, to afternoon sales calls, and even a late-night romantic encounter, Ego Elixir™ keeps you smelling fresh and feeling more confident than ever before.

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