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Even if you’re a confident guy ready to take on the world, let’s face it: getting intimate with a sizzling lady still stirs the nerves of the best of us. One way to make sure that your body looks great AND smells fantastic is by using Ego Elixir Cocky.

Ego Elixir Cocky is a unique, new Male Hygiene Spray that freshens your nether regions, leaving your entire body smelling clean and inviting. Whether you want to smell great throughout a hot day at work or after a sweat-filled game out on the sports field, Ego Elixir is the quick, easy way to maintain an appealing aroma.

Ego Elixir LLC is an innovative company that makes high quality male toiletry products out of natural ingredients for men who care about what they are putting onto their bodies, but won’t compromise on feeling clean and smelling great. Cocky Hygiene Spray is less expensive than cologne but more effective than deodorant, and it’s simple to use. After showering, just use two to three sprays on your pubic area and you are ready to go.

This cutting edge male hygiene spray isn’t just a fragrance to cover up any unwanted scents. It has a two-fold approach to keep you fresh by first killing odor-causing bacteria on impact, and then leaving an invisible layer of protection to keep any additional bacteria from forming later on. Ego Elixir Cocky doesn't leave behind stickiness, greasiness, or other unwanted residue, so it won’t stain clothing. It's also hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for skin and the rest of your body.

Try out Ego Elixir Cocky Male Hygiene Spray today with conveniently sized 4 oz. bottles. Just toss Ego Elixir Cocky into your gym bag for ensured freshness after working out, spray a bit down below before work for all-day cleanliness, or give yourself a shot early in the evening for intimate insurance later on in the night. No matter what life throws at you, Cocky has you covered.

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