Ego Elixir™ Masculine Deodorant Spray

Ego Elixir's drive to invent toiletries men want has lead us to the creation of the world’s premiere Masculine Deodorant Spray.

From work to play to love, Ego Elixir Masculine Deodorant Spray will keep your parts down-under odor free, clean, and smelling  great. Just spray down low and you’re ready to go.

  Ego Elixir’s online store makes it hassle-free to purchase our products.

Ego Elixir™ Men’s Deodorant Body Spray

Tired of teen body sprays that have an over powering unsophisticated fragrance? We are too. That’s why Ego Elixir (we) created a body spray with a clean subtle masculine scent that isn’t overpowering and actually prevents odor. Like a body primer, you should spray on your entire body before applying your antiperspirant, cologne and powder.

  When Ego Elixir is applied in this manner it makes your antiperspirant, cologne, and powder last longer enhancing freshness and   whatever scent you happen to be wearing.

  Ego Elixir’s online store makes it hassle-free to purchase our products.

Masculine Deodorant Spray

Ego Elixir’s online store makes it hassle-free to purchase Cocky and our other products.

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  • Staying Fresh All Day
    We know how hard it can be to remain smelling fresh and clean throughout the day. As men, anything can get our blood pumping and our bodies sweating. Not to fear, Ego Elixir offers a deodorant body spray that keeps your body smelling good under these conditions. After showering, ensure that you remain fresh by spraying Ego Elixir’s deodorant body spray on your entire body. This discreet, clean scented product will cause you to feel confident about your whole body throughout the entire day.

  • No other product can compete
    Ego Elixir™ Cocky is an innovative men’s toiletry for your private parts. Ego Elixir uses natural minerals to create its Masculine Deodorant Spray making it hypoallergenic (which means it’s unlikely to cause irritation). Ego Elixir Cocky works with your body’s chemistry, rather than against it. It creates a barrier against odor keeping you throughout work, and even during a late night intimate encounter. With Ego Elixir’s Cocky Masculine Deodorant, you can relax knowing that you are clean and smelling fresh down under.

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